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Exciting Attractions for 2016
**NEW** 2016 Attractions
Welcome to the Hottest attractions to hit the streets for 2016 in the Seattle Area, and of course Clowns Unlimited is the first to bring the excitement to your next event.
Ballistic Swing Ride
PacMan Battle Royal
Balloon Blaster
Catch The Light Combo
Hippo Chow Down
Human Billiards
Super Slide
Carnival Mirrors
Snow Machine
Cliff Jump Jr.
Cliff Jump
Blue Crush Water Slide - 36ft
Niagara Water Slide
Blue Crush Water Slide- 30ft
Welcome to the Northwest's LARGEST Water Slide. This Monster towers over 36ft Tall and has a run with over 100 feet where you splash in a pool to finish. Complete with Misting System to keep the slide wet. Overall Needed Dimensions is 100ft Long, 30ft Wide, & 36ft Tall. The Blue Crush will definitely add a new take on your next event.
Archery Tag- Hover Ball
This inflatable interactive archery game features different sized floating targets, 3 bows and 15 safety arrows. Use the bow and safety arrows to hit your floating target. Fun option for all ages and skill levels.
Wrecking Ball Ride
Cyclone Swing Ride
Remote Control Car Racing
Hamster Balls - Set of 4
Mobile Gaming Tent
Frontier Treasure Panning

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